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Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

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DOOMBRINGER Episode 1 has been released to Steam



DOOMBRINGER is a game about speed, brutality and complex level navigation. In the same vein as the granddaddy of FPS, Doom, DOOMBRINGER is a bombastic FPS romp. Set in a wartorn post apocalypse where life is defined by scarcity and rivalry, you play as a member of the Brotherhood of R’whin, infiltrating the Order of Sil’Ocy’s life support silo in the hope of improving life for your own. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam with the first episode released. The Grindhouse of Todelmer is the first of three episodes of 9 maps each. Filled with deadly enemies looking to take a piece of you. Two more episodes are planned to follow up to expand the game play and explore new devilish ways to challenge the player further. To facilitate a quality single player experience, the game is working hard at challenging the player, without being random. Every enemy attack is avoidable and the player will know that it's up to them to survive. The game won't cheat them with unavoidable attacks.



Started in 2015, DOOMBRINGER is the brain-child of esteemed Doom map and mission maker, Kristian ‘Kristus’ Kjall. Intended to bring the ultra competitive game play of Arena FPS to a single player game featuring his exceptional level design, a skill he's honed over two decades in the Doom community.

As part of testing and developing the game play about a dozen tournaments have been held in DOOMBRINGER’s competitive multiplayer modes, both online and on LAN since 2015. In 2020 DOOMBRINGER was featured in 3D Realms’ ‘Realms Deep’ cross-promotional event for similar first person shooters.



11 transformative power ups

7 deadly weapons

7 vicious enemy types

Robust Speedrunning support

Co-operative multiplayer

Competitive multiplayer, with battle proven latency handling

9 cavernous single player levels




Wishlist on STEAM

So the game is going to be called Doombringer. You'll be the Doombringer. Shit will die explode and crap like that. It'll be glorious I tell yah.












Edited by kristus

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im throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening

when can we play beta

we need moar updates

etc. :p

srlsy though, good luck. :)

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Khorus said:

im throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening

You already know where to send the monies. :D

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The Doomworld community would happily collect money so we can hire Bill Gates to work with you... Is that gonna bring the first beta any closer?

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Is it a coincidence that he resembles our hero at the end of Ultimate Doom? :P

Ha! Would have never thought of that myself, but now I can't unsee it. Nice one.

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"High octane FPS cavalcade"? Sounds like a good start, and with your impressive level design experience I'm eager to see what you're able to do with fast, chaotic gameplay in a full 3D engine.

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kristus said in thread title:

Since I seldom see that word, I'm gonna ask: will it have horses (or equivalents)? It would give a hint on which time or place it happens :) But it would be better not to answer.

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kristus said:

Actually, I got idea for the name from a character class in Tribes.

Heh, I was just getting ready to ask if that's where you got the name from! Pretty cool name for a game I'd say.

I seem to recall reading a post you made about making a game with a focus on voxels. Is that any part of this?

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Hmm, maybe I got you confused with someone else. I'm working with someone and we're looking to make a game with a focus on voxels, so I was interested in seeing if you were going to do the same. Eh anyways, I'm eager to see more :)

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kristus said:

Not sure what that is. But I was considering giving him a ponytail like Goro. :p

He'd look like a steam-punk barbarian from Diablo II.

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Oh right. that guy had it too. :) Well, speaking of Steampunk. I've also considered giving him a top hat.

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