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xxbio Warfare11

Anoter,cleaner,prettyer map

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xxbio Warfare11 said:

Ive been working on this map off and on for the past 3 days its not complete. But here are some pictures if anyone is interested.


wow i just looked at these and these look pretty bland in the photos. sorry about that

From the pictures it looks like the lighting is all uniform, but that might just be the pictures. :D

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for some reason I found the picture titles: hell, hell (other side) amusing. makes me wanna make a megawad full of map titles like:
Hell 2: The Other Side of Hell,
Hell 3: Back in to Hell,
or something like that idk.

Anyways neat little tech-map, hope the little bits and pieces of detail don't make the rooms annoying to maneuver.

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Hell 4: Underside of Hell
Hell 5: Prequel to Hell
Hell 6: Because we can

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Too much reliance on square geometry from what i'm seeing in the screenshots. I can see what your problem is right away and I will try and explain.

- Your drawing square/rectangle rooms and trying to complete the room too early during mapping. You need to apply a process to each area you do.

- You need to ask yourself what is this room supposed to look like completed? Visualize this.

- Break down the basics is it a square, rectangle, circular, hexagonal etc....

- Determine what needs to be removed draw those sectors and delete them

- Set ceiling floor heights and apply basic texture theme it's a lot faster at this point to texture 10 surfaces than texture 100 surfaces after the room becomes fragmented.

- Start adding in elements that make up the room ask yourself, are the lights on the ceiling? Walls? or maybe both. Is there computer screens on the walls? Does the ceiling have cross members? Is there windows? there is an unlimited number of questions you could ask but only ask the ones pertinent to the room your trying to make.

Everything starts from just a basic design then you need to build up essentially layers of detail I can see you have the basic skills of mapping but you need to concentrate on creating a process for yourself. I can't tell you exactly what to do, it's up to you to find what is best for yourself in the end.

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I've played your map and I must say: It's pretty odd. Nevertheless, it has a lot of interesting detail.

The bad part:

Too "squared" and the textures are terrible. It's possible to find a bug of texture right at the beginning. Structurally the map makes no sense at all, it seems that you've designed it at random.

That's it :).

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xxbio Warfare11 said:

yeah it doesnt make sence. it reminds me of half life..sortof

You're right, it reminds a bit. Those flesh-textures mixed with lab-textures create the sensation of "environmental problem" concerning hazards by radioactive exposure (id est: Half Life).

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