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Tellerstein's Base

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what port is this intended for? PrBoom+ exits on a segfault for me if I turn around and try and look at the back wall in the first room, it must not like something about a texture used back there.

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Well that escalated quickly. I don't think it was bad to have the cybs there, but it might be a good idea to allow the player to telefrag them in the end, and maybe make it a bit more obvious you can use the lite pillars to guard yourself. Also making them rise a liiittle higher would make getting up and down less random chance of a rocket to the face ending an attempt. You should also make a teleport pad or three for the nukage pit, most players seem to not like inescapable deathpits. I didn't explore it though so maybe there is one.

Some mapping techniques you could use
- the red key 'door' doesn't need to be like that - make a key door and have the switch be behind the door. It looks much nicer that way.
- you could just have the lift be behind pillars that lower when activated by the switch behind the red key door I suggested. Or heck have the lift be activated by the switch.
- that switch up on the lift can be activated from the ground if you angle it right. Recess the switch into the wall if you can, a short gap of 64 map units is plenty 'jumpable' by running to it.
- the arachnotron behind the yellow key would be more effective if you flipped that alcove to the switch side and opened the entrance to the platform wider so it has a greater angle of attack. By itself it isn't much of a problem anyway because of the rocketlauncher - maybe open up some imps or sergeants in another closet behind the other sergeant closet. Or chaingunners, if you're feeling nasty.
- the blue armor in the ditch is a bit hard to access, make the middle ring a little bit wider. It might look a bit odd, but the gameplay will be nicer.
- Perhaps add another 2 boxes of shells. Enough to eliminate 2 cybs, but not all 4. I didn't find any secrets, but perhaps in an easy to find one you can put those in it so there's the option of making one side cyberfree for easy access to the lift.

Great job on the map, it's a bit out of the box idea wise but it works, mostly. Also great and fitting music.

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Thank you very very much! It's very helpful! In the next maps I'll think properly in all these points. The thing with the cybs was just a "joke", that ended up messing a litle up with the gameplay (When someone shoots on my face without intention, and then dies because it's impossible to kill them).

The inescapable deathpits is a more sadic joke. I have the conciousness that this is terrible for gameplay, but I like the idea of creating a map sufficiently interesting, so that the player can die and yet want to play again and again without suffering from boredom. And because it's just one map, and the deathpit is relatively close to the beginning.

I would really like you to play my other recent map (Lost in Tellertein's World). It has a much more frustrating deathpit (And I particularly think that the other one is much better. Because it's costed me one entire week).

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