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My humble submission of one midi

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Made a musical piece for the "Victory" theme, I tried to keep that slightly melancholic feel, but composed it without drums so far. I might extend the tune, but I probably won't add drums to it because I don't think it will feel right.

Initially composed for the default gm.dls sounds, which are horrible and not free, but they are nice for compatibility - if something sounds good on the gm.dls patches, it will probably sound mostly good on other patch sets as well.

I don't know my way around a DOOM editor and don't really have any other way to test this on OPL3, FMOD and so on, I just don't have such an option. So if some instrument or a note sounds especially horrible on one of the more widely used patchsets (like OPL3) do please notify me. Testing it with Virtual Sound Canvas it had way too much reverb, but I think it's because there's some reverb in the program itself.

Argh, I'm not good at writing this, anyway, here's the song, please tell me if you like what I have so far: http://www.qfpost.com/file/d?g=zeDvjuyPG

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The funniest thing is that I haven't actually PLAYED FreeDoom as of yet... I think I should. That's why I wasn't trying to do map music -- I haven't seen the maps themselves. Picking the victory theme was my "lazy way out" because of this.

Anyway, thanks for your comment. :)

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Sounded quite nice. I only regretted the pan pipe section at the end didn't last as long as the other instrument digressions did.

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That's why I'm thinking about extending the song a bit further.

(And it's actually the Syn.Calliope sound, not a pan flute, but whatever)

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