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Doom Juan

XWE or Slade 3?

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If you have Windows Visa or newer, you will need to jump through a few hoops to get XWE to accept working. You will also need to run it as an administrator. Just for this reason, most people should use SLADE 3 instead.

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XWE, if I recall this correctly, was written in Delphi. And to Csabo's credit, he admitted that the program was a bit messy. Eventually, any updates were abandoned.

The most glaring fault would be that XWE does not like it when the map which is opened with it is also opened with another app at the same time. It confuses XWE and corrupts the map as a result.

Despite that, I still use it from time to time.

As to recommend, use Slade3.
It is so much easier to open several maps at the same time and drag and drop, copy and paste lumps across maps. Converting textures from one format to another is a snap. Playing different music formats is incorporated, etc, etc. Check the WIKI for what it can do and what is planned.

For any serious lump management use Slade3.

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Windows Vista 64, here. I tried futzing about with XWE, but ultimately was only able to get Slade 3 running. I have no regrets, though, as Slade easily exceeds my needs, and is very user friendly.

I can't really compare the two, but I do really like Slade.

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