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How do I get extensive modding support for vanilla Doom(2) and ZDoom engine?

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Sorry if the question seems basic, but I am unable to find an appropriate answer.

Here's what I want: To modify Doom(2) using any method described on the ZDoom/ACS wiki, including ACS support, DECORATE, DEH, BEX, BEHAVIOR, etc. I am running the latest svn of both zdoom and acc.

* Do I need to convert the iwad(s) to UDMF?
* Can I just tack on a pk3 file?
* Do I need Slade3 to explicitly jam in some extra lumps and markers?

I don't really care what I have to do or modify, just so long as I can play the vanilla levels with some crazy mods. There's really no straight answer to this, I've been Googling all night. Most of the tutorials out there talk about "creating additional levels", except I don't need the extra levels part, just modding support.

Thank you! And sorry if this seems similar my previous post, but I figured out after a while that my previous post wasn't actually asking the right question, but this one is.

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MALON said:

* Do I need to convert the iwad s) to UDMF?


MALON said:

* Can I just tack on a pk3 file?

What do you mean by tack on?

Tack on to DOOM2, as in merge? Then No

MALON said:

* Do I need Slade3 to explicitly jam in some extra lumps and markers?

If you want to add extra weapons, monsters, gore etc, then Yes.
Just create a seperate PWAD.

How do you play DOOM2 maps with extra mods?
With a port like ZDoom or GZDoom. Simply drag the mod onto the port icon.


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Thank you for that reply, now a couple questions:

I have a file that I created (zip file) called addon.pk3
In this file, is one folder titled "acs" (sans quotes)
In the acs folder, there is a file named helloworld.o, which is a compiled form of:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 ENTER
print(s:"Hello World!");

When dragging addon.pk3 onto the zdoom executable, there is no "Hello World" when I enter the game. The ZDoom console says it successfully loaded the pk3, does not give any indication of loading error. What am I doing wrong?

The only way I've figured out how to run ACS on all doom2 maps is to change the iwad itself by forcing the LOADACS lump to load a library.

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The .pk3 needs to tell ZDoom to load the library, otherwise it's going to sit there and do nothing. The LOADACS lump is used for this in .wad files, but I personally do not know how ZDoom reads the structure of a .pk3 file. I reckon the task is pretty similar though.

Modifying the original IWADs is discouraged though, because anything you do to it can also be done via a PWAD instead (or .pk3 in this instance). Modifying the IWAD means not being able to distribute your modifications because it will contain copyrighted material. That is why PWADs exist to "replace" content in the IWAD.

Also, I just noticed, your script does not have a library identifier defined:

#library "LIBNAME"
#include "zcommon.acs"
"LIBNAME" is what you would enter in the LOADACS lump to load that specific library.

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