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spider boss spawning little spiders

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First of all, I am no expert in DECORATE stuff but I need a special boss actor for my project. Up to know it looks like this, and it does work so far, but I want it to spawn little Spiders (they already exist as an Actor) from time to time. I do not really care how these spiders are created, they should just appear somehow near the boss spider. I tried some stuff but they always ended up being telefragged or they did not even show up. When I spawned them with the missile attack of the spider, some of them would spawn inside walls and than there were just too many of them... Anyone has an idea how to do this clever?

ACTOR Spinne 9943
  Game Heretic
  SpawnID 4
  Health 700
  Radius 40
  Height 62
  Mass 475
  Speed 15
  Scale 1.0 
  Painchance 128
  SeeSound "mummy/sight"
  AttackSound "mummy/attack1"
  PainSound "mummy/pain"
  DeathSound "mummy/death"
  ActiveSound "mummy/active"
  HitObituary "Thou hast been slain by a giant spider"
  DropItem "goldkey", 255, 1

    SPID A 10 A_Look
    SPID AB 4 A_Chase
    SPID A 6 A_FaceTarget
    SPID B 4 A_CustomMissile("Slime", 48, 0)
    SPID B 6 A_CustomMissile("Slime", 48, 0)
    Goto See
    SPID A 4 
    SPID A 4 A_Pain
    Goto See
    SPID C 15     SPID C 15 A_Scream
    SPID D 10 A_NoBlocking
    Goto Ice


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