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Administration Center - 4 hours Speedmap

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An underground administration center for Zdoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, or Zandronum.

Small map to improve my speedmaping skills. Expected resistance: 100 monsters. Can be played in singleplayer, coop up to 8 players, or deathmatch.

Special thanks to Gez, for giving me a heads up about some texture usage.

Have fun

Download link:


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I enjoyed the map! It looks awesome for only 4 hours. I did, however, find a couple bugs. There's an imp stuck behind a wall in the room with the blue door. There is also two deaf imps in the monster room with the vent. So it is impossible to get 100% kills without noclip.

Also, The secret was pretty interesting. I would have never known to how to get in without looking at the map with Doom Builder.

EDIT: I noticed the file you linked to here was different than the one you uploaded to /idgames. Looks like you just forgot to delete the stuck imp.

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Not bad for 4 hours, but the maps architecture is 60+ percent copy paste even at that there is still well over 3000+ sides which is fairly speedy.

1000 sidedefs an hour with minimal copy/paste is fast =)

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I will post a playthrough with commentary on what I think of this map soon.

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