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Monster, Item and Weapon Creation.

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I'm quite new in this hellish and bloody addicting "WAD Obssession", and I'd like to ask for some tips, concerning something that in my opinion is the most hard craft to learn.

If you could answer in a relatively simple way:

What do you do to create a monster from scratch? Or, how the creators of Doom2 designed such beautiful graphics?.

I've opened SlumpED and exported all weapons graphics. But I've failed miserably when I tried to create them from scratch. Editing them with GIMP gave me some pretty good results, but FROM SCRATCH? I sincerely don't have the proper skills to do such a thing with my actual knowledge.

And monsters are worse.

So, do you have some tips to give me? Softwares, some information on "how the hell measure the position from frame to frame", and other things that only Sprite-Artists understand?

If I obtain this knowledge, I'll be able to create more interesting WADs and start more interesting projects.

Thank you very much!!!

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There is a small app called Sprite Maker, which supposedly is easy to use.
How good it is, I do not know.

Hand in hand with the graphics side is giving the new sprites some sort of behaviour with DECORATE.
You could have a look at these posts

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[Tutorial] Monster Spriting for Amatuers by Phobus » Sat Oct 11, 2008 11:33 am

The Custom Sprites Tutorial Thread by Eriance » Sat Jun 16, 2007 12:13 pm


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