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Here's a simple-ish map for DOOM 2 that I was working on for a compo here some time ago... something involving a lab as one of the themes. It's fully playable but I never did flesh out some areas so parts of it remain basic and boring. I ended up busy with other things so, as usual, I had to abandon it at the prototype stage. It's probably the last map I'll make for DOOM 2... not that that's a bad thing, as I kind of suck at this so whatevs. As per the compo rules, it uses NB_RECOL.WAD.




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I would suggest to include all the files needed to play or at least provide a download link to the wad missing for easier access.

specially when you can't find it on idgames database. It was hard to find this NB_RECOL.WAD and I think it's a incomplete version because some textures are still missing. =P

EDIT: Oh, it actually IS on idgames, but as a zip, not wad. heh
Still a link would've been good...
Will thest the map later, looks ok.

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I'm still a noob on Doomworld, it's probably commonly used.

About your map, well, I shouldn't promise to do reviews/give feedback of maps anymore because I'm really bad at it (actually I'm not even sure what I'll do with my first map I'm working right now), but let's see:

Your maps have some interesting structures and gimmicks (like the room with barrels and pinky demos), and few corridors felt kinda empty but overall it's ok. :-P

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