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Rain Temple Update

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Interesting. It looks a little empty, but it makes me think about my maps. I never created something that "open", with grass or whatever: Large and "outside". I'll certainly create something like that soon.

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TheGraySpawn said:

Yes it's empty but the details will be added later on. thanks for your opinion. I intend to recreate some kind of Tomb Raider looking map

It's a very good idea! When you release it, I'll certainly play it.


If you need a track, I can compose it to you. I could try to compose something that gives the feeling of a tomb. If you want a Mp3, you can download a track of mine that is on Youtube (My Poisone Wein):


"Melting Singing Heads at the Walls of Hell's Throne Room"

Maybe it's more "horror" than you need, but I wanted to create this "tomb" sensation. The original Mp3 of it is on other HD of mine, so, you can download with some random software :).

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Thanks. But it already has a song made by me. i'll upload it to youtube so you can listen to it. maybe for the second map i'll use yours. I don't know yet if it will be a 3 map set

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