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GetNumForName error in XDRE

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I started community chest 3 speedrun. I want to make it perfect to make you all amazed, but it wont be perfect without precise DRE editing... but:
1. I accidently recorded demo with complevel 17.
2. When I load demo in XDRE, error window pops up:

W_GetNumForName: 6704 not found
3. Same thing happens when I load cl9 (scimitar.wad) demo to XDRE. :.{
4. DRE2 just crashes.
5. All you can do is to record it from first level. No certain level / demo can be loaded.
Could you help me with getting rid of this error? At least, I want to know what does it mean.

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i've asked a question about recording demo using dre and boom wad to andy time ago , here is what he answer :"As for Boom WADs, they won't work. DRE is hard-coded for complevel 2. In addition, Boom's demo header is different, and that is also hard-coded."

so if you want to get rid of this error create a boom compatible dre!

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Funny thing is that I can record demos in dre with every CL, but cannot go to certain level (except map01). Is it possible to use -warp command (or something like that) in XDRE?

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