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Doom 2 Tower Defense

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**********Doom 2 Tower Defense**********

Here's an updated version, which fixes Zandronum compatibility along with some other bug fixes and tweaks.


You can run this update with skulltag_actors.pk3 and skulltag_data.pk3. Probably not worth the download if you've already started playing.

Sorry about the large file size. Here are some stripped versions:

No Custom Music (saves 16.3 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vvbig7a3us82f8/D2TDStrippedA.rar
No Fancy Sentry Info Displays (saves 15.2 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/8ofn7zov52jdvcp/D2TDStrippedB.rar
Fully Stripped of Music and Displays (saves 31.5 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4i0m4ptorrojfwh/D2TDFullyStripped.rar

I highly recommend getting a version with custom music, it really does compliment this mod.

Any mappers who'd like to submit a map for the full version, it would certainly save some time and motivate me to continue.

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I'd love to see this happen, as limited as my exposure to such games has been (Crystal Defenders). Please continue!

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Screenies, as promised.


Other unmentioned features:
-You can fire sentries manually with the repair gun
-Special waves such as ambushes, swarms, or challengers
-Decent to good looking maps
-Secret map(s)
-Sadistically challenging opposition in later maps (even on the easiest skill levels)
-Fast waves option when you replay maps
-4 different styles of map: Core (defend it) Siege (Destroy enemy cores) Breach (Dont let em through) Skirmish (Take all your saved up cash with you, all out firepower vs firepower)

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Looks pretty interesting, in the last screen shots though I thought the floor looked too empty there should be a bit of detail there like a carpet sectored out with a border 16px wide by 4px high.

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Good idea, I gave it a shot and it definitely livened up the floor. Might have to slightly shrink the carpet's width though, it looks a bit big. I'll likely improve detailing on some of the others as well, but for now I'm focusing on finishing off the 2nd milestone.

Anyways, here's a slightly better result, though it could use a bit more.

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Ya man that looks a lot better I have another suggestion too if you really want to bust out a slick look.

Sector out underneath the archs then lower or raise by 16px it will create additional features to your slopes that look good. Usually when I do this if i'm raising into the arch i'll include some lights lowering using a texture that contrasts really well with the brick. In this case most likely a red/orange texture would look best.

Also if you notice all those archs are in alignment, copy and paste them outside of the map but in alignment with the arches. Specify a sector tag for each unique slope sector then use slope things (copy floor / copy ceiling). This way you can draw any kind of architecture you want right through those slopes all you would would have to is place slope things. It's actually very easy to set this up and once your references in place it's just a matter of copy/pasting slope things where you draw sectors.

A lot of people who use slopes don't take advantage of this excellent feature. Just keep in mind if your slopes are on an angle it's a lot more difficult to use this method. If you have any questions about setting and using a remote slope sector reference let me know!

Edit: Took the time quick to show an example

- Showing the map with remote slope sector references
- Also showing density of slope things
- Background is result

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Judging from the screenshots, it looks very good and I'd like to try it. Is there a way to make it work under Zandronum? You know, Skulltag is outdated now and people now use its successor, Zandronum. And I seem to get these errors in Zandronum:

  • If I run the .pk3 alone, there are missing textures.
  • If I run it with skulltag_data.pk3, I get error "Unknown texture bouncy1" and the mod won't start up.
  • If I run it with skulltag_actors.pk3, I get error "Minigun is not an actor" and the mod won't start up either.
  • If I run it with both, I get a lot of DECORATE errors so it cannot start up too.
Does anyone know any solution?

EDIT: I read the Skulltag ONLY, but wouldn't it be enough to run Zandronum with texture wad to make it work?

EDIT2: Now I just played the first stage without textures in Zandronum, and the gameplay seems fine, summoning new monsters also works, so the placeholder graphics - and the long loading times accompanying them, which is probably why the game freezed when exiting the first level - may be the only problem.

EDIT3: Check your Private Messages, you'll receive one soon.

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Well, there was a decent amount of new bugs that happened to slip under the radar, and a few new ones with switching to Zandronum, so I updated the download link in the first post.

Here's a list of what was changed:

-Fixed Zandronum compatibility issues. Now works when run with skulltag_data.pk3 and skulltag_actors.pk3
-Exploit fix: When pussying out from challenges, your ammo restocker and purchased government funding will no longer appear
-Exploit fix: The repair obelisk issue that was allowing free sentries
-Fixed a couple of other issues with the repair obelisk
-Sniper sentries now take longer to level up to railguns and beyond
-Adjusted obelisk prices in the shop
-Fixed several missing actors
-Frost Sentries now fire faster projectiles, and become much stronger at max level
-Fixed some challenges that weren't allowing you to pussy out, and left you stuck in the map
-Changed some achievement requirements to better fit the current length of the game
-Fixed an achievement that wasn't appearing at all
-Fixed the Vorpal Sword's ability charging issue when affected by the Flayed Mind ailment
-Fixed curing the Petrification ailment so it returns you to your original speed
-Fixed Gas Mask and Boots of the North items disappearing at end of map if you find them from a monster drop
-The SSG and it's altfire now level up a bit quicker
-Tweaked a few waves, changed a couple obituaries
-Made several other small tweaks

In addition, the wait time between waves has been decreased by popular demand.

I don't really recommend downloading this version if you've already downloaded it and started a game, unless you aren't too far in, seeing as you would have to restart your game. If you decide to anyways, I've increased and added some Boss drop rates, and also given the majority of Bosses new rare item drops that you won't get anywhere else.

This should be the last update until the full version is 100% complete and tested multiple times.

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