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Speed map

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Anyways, I did a speed map earlier today but wasn't really satisfied with only spending 30 minutes, so I decided to do another but giving myself more time (5 hours) which some people would probably argue that is too much time. Since I only really do single player maps the usual speed map time I'd like is 3 hours but this map I wanted to get in a bit more detail and try and approaching something polished off so here we have it 5 hours of dedicated mapping and we have.

Blood Bridge: http://www.mediafire.com/?5nkbg098zvob12a

I went for a hellish look since that is what I'm generally best at mapping. The design uses a lot of 45 degree architecture since i'm really trying to master this kind of mapping style due to it's visual appeal.

Map format ZDoom i'm kind of sick of always doing speed maps in Boom I really felt like letting lose on this map with some slopes and few lines of script.

I've used a layering style to create multiple levels of visual perception surrounding the map I think this for most people will seem very unconventional.

Of course I almost forgot only stock textures were used!

Music AV - Map 11

Give it a try I'm sure someone might enjoy this.

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