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Spiral Denile

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Well, I tried another speed map after the last one and got kind of inspired along the way and ended up spending a lot more time than I planned.

I went in to making this map knowing it would be a slaughter map since I was pretty much just practicing mapping methods and mixing styles to try and create some exotic hell themes as quickly as possible. So be forewarned game play on this map is slaughter style I'm sure there is some players that will enjoy that aspect.

Map Name: Spiral Denile
Map Format: ZDoom Hexen (Tested on Zandronum)
Settings: No crouching, no jumping (Set in MAPINFO)
Time Spent: 13 hours approx
Resources: Animated fire Texture from DVII the rest stock
Music: Sunder Map04
Note: You'll likely get some degree of fps lag depending on your computer

Let me know what you guys think about the visual aspects primarily!


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Can't really say much about the design, you use just vanilla textures so it has an inferno feel with some random brick building in the middle. Nothing too satanic or 'ancient' about it, so theme isn't really too special.

Gameplay, I thought it might be cool to coop, maybe laugh as others screw up on the pillars and get instagibbed, but that's a seriously annoying feature solo. The fires also looked a bit wallpapery, perhaps layering them a bit would help. I felt the beginning started a bit slow with just shotty and chainsaw, perhaps a berserk instead of the saw would make it a bit faster. The switch in the building also needs to be lighted. Beyond finding the back-middle end of the building there's nothing guiding the player toward it and the switch doesn't stand out even standing next to it. The cybs up on the sides of the building seem to have very narrow angles to attack the player, so they're pretty useless. Making it a bit more open would help, but really I think you should just replace them with imps or mancs or something.

I thought it pretty good for the shorter amount of time spent on it, there's not really an easy way of making hell and brick be different, though using that sky changes the ambience of the map from others pretty well.

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Well, I probably won't spend any more time on that map as I was just screwing around more or less next map I'll do something more conventional.

Thanks for the feedback!

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