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SLADE r1344 problem

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Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. 4 GB RAM. Core 2 Quad CPU. HIS Sapphire Radeon 4850 512 MB.

If I launch Slade r1344 normally from an Explorer window, the process starts up, allocates 30 MB of RAM, and then never opens the application main window. The splash screen disappears and then it's gone forever, sitting in task manager using 0% CPU.

If I launch it as Administrator on the other hand, it suddenly works. I am pretty sure this shouldn't be necessary.

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I never had that problem with any of the many official and SVN versions.

That being said, for some reason, the later versions compiled by Gez exhibited a few problems.
Mainly with some sound formats not playing.
Because of these problems, sirjuddington compiled r1349 himself.

You could give that a try.

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sirjuddington said:

Does the log file say anything? (did it even generate one?)

Whereabouts should I find the file? I still have this version available for testing.

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%APPDATA%\SLADE3 IIRC; or if you have a portable install*, in the same directory as the exe.

(* If you have a file named simply "portable" with no extension in the same directory as Slade.exe, then it'll work in portable install mode.)

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I can no longer replicate the problem, it launches normally now. Nothing unusual is left in any of the log files (for whatever reason there is one both in the install directory and in AppData\Roaming\slade3).

I am thinking it may have had something to do with the fact I had subst'd a drive letter to the parent folder using an UNC path to my local machine - Windows 7 was incorrectly treating the drive as Internet Zone (hard to believe this problem still exists, after it's been "fixed" by patches to both XP and Vista).

Now that the subst is no longer using an UNC path, I don't seem to be having this problem or any of the various other ones it was causing which I noticed one by one afterward.

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