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Doom Done Turbo Quicker (TAS)

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Amazing demo! Couldn't expect it. :) BTW you will have to do glides in future levels. (like e4m3). We can help you... or you will do them yourself?

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Hirogen2 said:

I wonder if Doom2 would ever get below 10 min using this.

Hmm, Looper's built 4-player co-op in no-monsters is just under 10 minutes. Considering all the weapon boosts and route improvements in that run, I feel like even with -turbo 255, getting the run under ten minutes may not be possible, particularly in a non-built TAS run. Unless, of course, similar route improvements could be achieved with turbo speed.
I'm not intending to try Doom 2 Done Turbo right now, anyway, since I'm not good with glides, and there are a lot in Doom 2.

Looper said:


Thanks for the help.

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I would say it is possible with turbo 255 because the routes I used aren't obviously optimal, though some tricks do save huge amount of time. IMO doom2 can be done faster with monsters around, at least solo.

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Episode 4 in 1:49, also lowered E3M8 by one second and now episode 3 is at a time of 2:18. Total time is 9:35.

Anyone have any suggestions about E4M8? Time is at 22.20, and I have no idea how I could modify my route to get it down to 21...


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