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peach freak

Blocking: Completely Objects

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I was decorating one of my rooms in Doom Builder, and noticed that objects like "Pool of blood and bones" were listed as "Blocking: Completely"

I also noticed this on other decoration objects in Doom Builder, such as a Dead Player, a dead Demon, a dead Cacodemon, etc. All were listed as "Blocking: Completely".

I tried testing these in Vanilla Doom and I was able to walk over them completely and without a problem. They didn't obstruct my path.

Am I missing something here, or is this an error on Doom Builder's part?


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Must be an error on Doombuilder's behalf. Don't worry about it as long as it works ingame, though this could stand to be brought to Codeimp's attention. Are you using the latest version?

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It's an error in the "Doom2_things.cfg" file, where the default blocking flag for Decorations has been set to 1.

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