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Easy way to add Boom animations and switches?

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The title says it all, is there any easier method to add Boom ANIMATED.lmp and SWITCHES.lmp to a wad other than the old DEFSWANI.exe?

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SLADE 3's latest revisions have a working SWITCHES and ANIMATED editor. I don't remember if it is present in the (kinda old) 3.0.2 beta, but if not you can grab an SVN build.

Open an archive, and click on the Archive->New menu. You should have more than two choices here:
- Entry
- Directory

Select ANIMATED and you get a new lump (after the currently selected one, or at the end of the archive if no lump is selected). The default ANIMATED lump created contains all the definitions from ZDoom; but this shouldn't cause compatibility issues with other Boom-compatible engines.

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Woah, it worked thanks a lot :D
This feature is really useful, now I see myself adding more custom animation for Boom maps.

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