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A Free resources?

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Hello everyone! I am new here. My name is LakiSoft and i want to ask you all something. Where i can get resources cuz i want to make a game similar to FreeDoom? I really want to make my own game on Doom Engine. So is there any good links with resources please? If you guys don't know i will see what i can find on "FreeDoom" section of Doomworld forum. ;)

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Something like that but i want graphic no new monsters! I mean something like Freedoom compatibile with Vanila Doom and Boom.

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Surely the idea of "making" a game like FreeDoom is that you would be the one making the resources. If you're taking a load of resources other people have made and bundling them together, then you haven't really made anything, aside from the maps themselves.

Also, the best advice people on this forum give is not to be overly ambitious for your first project. Start small, get a feel for the basics. When you've mastered that, THEN go for the massive project with loads of maps and new resources.

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