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Prboom+ is being weird [problem solved]

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A few weeks ago my laptop got repaired for a minor hardware problem (I had to jiggle the charger around for a while before it actually started to recharge). When I got it back the old hard drive was kept, and the only possible software related difference that I noticed at first was that whenever I charged my laptop the screen would get brighter. However, when I tried to play a wad on Prboom+ I noticed that the game felt very different than before. Essentially it's much laggier and the game will briefly speed up once in a while. In comparison, Zdoom seems exactly the same as it was before.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem is and how to fix it?

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If your screen brightness changes depending on the battery charge level or whether the charger's plugged in, and it didn't before, your power-saving settings have obviously been messed with, so you've probably now got CPU throttling enabled (explaining the PrBoom+ slowdowns). Go into your power-saving settings (location varies depending on your OS) and set your CPU settings to "Max Performance" or whatever the appropriate option is for your OS.

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