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Abandoned Refuge [single level pwad - limit removing]

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Hey buddies, after several attempts at mapping and with some experience using Doombuilder 2 I feel I've finally put together a map that I'm pleased enough with to share on these here forums.

Abandoned Refuge is a single level pwad running from map 01 and should run on any limit-removing port. I spent roughly two weeks on it - on and off over the past month - and I've included all skill settings.

Happy playing. :)

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pretty good map, here's an FDA where I beat it on the 3rd or 4th try: http://www.mediafire.com/?q13zwh1oabrhyu6

Very fun in terms of traps and enemy placement, many things took me by surprise (which subsequently caused the first 3 deaths in that demo). You really made me work for the red key, was not expecting such a clusterfuck. I took an absolute ton of damage because I suck at dodging while invisible. Also I guess it depends on the source port, but I ended up knocking that cyberdemon off the platform and just ignoring him -.-

As for things that could be improved: a lot of the architecture is very awkward to move around. I'm not suggesting you change your style because I like the way rooms are laid out and textured, but the weird lifts (down to the blue key room for example) and the overly steep stairs are mildly annoying.

Anyways, very fun, keep mapping!

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I don't like how you make some stairs. Like those right near the start. I mean, I'm going down the stairs and I can't even see what I'm stepping on! Feels strange.

Some traps were kinda pointless. When you enter the red key room, a huge horde of monsters appears, but do they pose any threat? I don't think so. You can just step back and shoot at them from a safe spot. They also infight a lot, doing most of the work instead of the player. The only reason I got hit here is because I was stupid enough to pick up the invisibility sphere. :)
Same appiles to the trap in the cement corridor but that one at least requires quick reaction, so it's not as bad.

Some "fixed" monsters were pointless too (or made the gameplay just a little more boring). Like those revenants on the street. Killing them is just tedious: shoot a few rockets, hide inside the building for 5 seconds, repeat.
Cyberdemon battle was like that too.

Yellow key trap would be much better if the player couldn't run back to that room with 4 mancubuses and some imps. Maybe make it so the bridge (sector 534) lowers when you take the key?

Aside from these points, I quite enjoyed your map. Nice mysterious music, interesting design somewhat reminiscent of TNT\Icarus style and the gameplay was fun overall.

Demo of my first playthrough. Curiosity killed the cat. :(

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Pretty good for a first map, one thing to note is your door thickness was a bit excessive trying going about half the thickness and using DOORSTOP texture.

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