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More DB2 help needed: Game Configuration

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Hi, I think I've figured out why I'm having so many weird problems with one of my maps. I'm sure I originally started the map in Boom format. However it now constantly defaults to Doom 2 format. Why is this, and is there any way to permanently switch it to Boom format without having to copy and paste the map into a new wad and therefore have to re-do all the line and sector tags?

Thanks in advance - DB2 is really starting to annoy me.

EDIT: Is this something to do with me selecting doom2.wad in resources? Should I also be selecting Boom? As you can probably tell, I'm not the most technical person.

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It now seems to let me open the map and edit it in Boom format... weird, I must have been doing something wrong. Thanks for the advice :)

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MajorRawne said:

Is this something to do with me selecting doom2.wad in resources?

It shouldn't be, if you've already set doom2.wad as the default IWAD for Boom editing. I'm guessing you loaded a map which didn't have a .dbs (map settings config) file, DB2 expected you to nominate an editing format, you chose the wrong one and was stuck with it once the map was saved. One way around that is to delete the .dbs file and select the correct format when you next open the map.

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