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Auto-flipping sprites in prboom+

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I downloaded a new skin for the chaingunner making him wear green armor instead of the red one. The sprites I downloaded had a different naming convention like this, eg: "SFP0A2A8" instead of just "CPOSA2".

I know that I would have to rename the sprites to "CPOS" instead of "SFP0" to get them to work in prboom+, but the later combination "A2A8" confuses the hell out of me. I guess it means that the engine will display the same sprite when the monster gets in the "A8" angle as when it's in the "A2" angle, but horizontally flipped?

Prboom+ says that sprites are missing and won't start when I use the "CPOSA2A8" naming convention.

How does this work? Do I really need to flip every damn sprite myself and rename it just like the original sprites?

Hope I made any sense. Thanks

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Yea, the Chaingunner has a full set of unique angles for it's rotations. So instead of flipping, for example, A2A8 for the A8 frame, it has a separate and unique A8 frame. I think this is because the chaingun on the sprite is on one side of the monster, so flipping it would look weird at certain angles (the chaingun would "jump" from one side to the other, if that makes sense). Basically it's because the sprite is very asymmetrical.

Anyways, I'm surprised that Prboom+ won't accept those sprites. They are named properly from what I can tell from your post. So it sounds like, yes, you might just have to manually flip those sprites and name them according to the original Chaingunner's frames. Unless there's something else going on, in which case you would need to post the wad so I can take a look at it.

Actually you could try throwing in some blank sprites for the missing frames and see if that works. I don't know know if it will or not, but it's worth a shot.

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Ok. I started all over from scratch and used slade instead of slumped and now it works. I did the exact same thing like I did last time but with a different editor. Typical dannebubinga editing :/

Thanks anyway mechadon.

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