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Ribo Zurai

Looking for a Weapon Mod.

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I used to play this certain weapon mod frequently until my computer was formatted and I didn't make a backup.

I remember it was your generic weapons mod: the weapons were well made, and there was a good amount of them, at least 5 per slot. The weapon/items that gave the mod it's unique feeling were four "Elemental Rings": you could pick them up and use them as weapons singularly. Each ring could fire a stream of projectiles in a single line and, if you had all four rings and used the Secondary Fire of one of the rings, all of the four would merge into a single one, that could fire 4 streams of projectiles at same time.

The mod had also a flame thrower, a few BFG-style weapons, a blood orb, a few magic wand-style weapons, and if I'm not wrong, the ZIP had a secondary WAD along this mod, which was for monster replacement.

Anyone have any idea of what mod is that? I can't find it anywhere.

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I don't know ho to help you - unfortunately - but judging from the description, it seems something really worth trying out! So I'm posting just not to let it die into oblivion... :-) And to hope somebody can find it again for us!

(the only mod with similar but not matching features that comes to mind is an older version of PsychoPhobia)

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