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GZDoom ( The toxic exodus )

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Here's the beta version of my third level, named The toxic exodus.
GzDoom is required to run this level ( Skulltag and Zandronum also run well )
For an optimal experience opengl should be used to run this level!

A few notes about this map:
-Replace level 02
-contain all of the Back to the fire textures and flat, many of them
were updated and improved.
-A new statbar

Some screens:

And the download link:

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That was just plain awesome... the atmosphere is pretty tense, but never really completely intimidating since you gain power quickly and there's plenty of ammo, health, and places to dodge enemy fire. Excellent use of textures, lighting, and environmental audio effects. Very playable, though probably too easy for most of the experts around here. ;) And... it's gotta be the first time I actually enjoyed fighting Revenants. All in all... very nice work, and I'm glad to see more people targeting GZDOOM.

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Good lookin' level Simon. If you looking for things to improve then I'd say put in some more ambushes, its fairly sparse. Every time I got a key card I found myself saying "Was that it?".

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Keycard ambushes are kind of predictable though... it seems like it's more tense to not have a keycard ambush, since you're expecting one and looking around to see where they might come from... and then it doesn't come, which gives a temporary false sense of security. :)

Since you're targeting GZDOOM, it would be interesting, on the other hand, to have a delayed ambush... you could use a scripted delay for opening a monster closet or something along those lines.

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