Hi everyone. Today i was made udoom19 to udoom20
unofficial game update. This update will give you:

- 2 new episodes [Episode 5 is prequel to Doom2, but Episode 6 are Deathmatch only levels]
- 5 player classes [Doomguy Marine,Imp, Sargeant, CacoDemon, Baron of Hell]
- New skill level "Hell Violecne!" [This skill level is between UV and NMARE, so it's UV +FAST, thank you FistMarine :) ]

More About Episode 5:
This episode are first's DoomGuy walking on Earth after battle on Moonbases an Hell.
Thy Flesh Consumed are set between Hell and Earth but Episode 5 is set on true Earth
and it's called "Hello Earth!". The episode boss are trio of Arch-Viles. Very dangerous.
This was inspired by Xaser's mod Lost Episode from DoomWorld forums. So it shows what
happened to DoomGuy after Episode 4 and before Doom II. Here's some level names:

E5M1 - The Lost UAC's storage
E5M2 - Mutated Earth
E5M3 - Back to Industry
E5M4 - Tower of Evil
E5M5 - Security City
E5M6 - UAC's main Earth Tower
E5M7 - Heart of Industry
E5M8 - Hell on Earth?
E5M9 - The Secret UAC's Earth Base

More About Episode 6:
Deathmatch levels only. Good thing because yo have new player classes you can choose one
and rock your friend in deathmatch, ;)

Some Episode 5 Screenshots:

Download Here: http://filesmelt.com/dl/patch20.rar

Enjoy! ;)

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