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Plasma Ball placement

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I'm trying to get it so that the plasma ball spawns in front of the plasma rifle rather than from the player. I'm really kinda of lost as to how to accomplish this through DECORATE. And I'd rather would like to avoid ACS if possible.

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Huh. Thought this question sounded familiar, as if I had just answered it recently. :P

Have you seen the response / tried it yet? The 1-tic sprite delay is the cheapest yet most effective method, in my experience.

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This is (I think) what Xaser is basically suggesting, which works fairly well, if I do say so myself:

ACTOR CustomPlasmaBall : PlasmaBall replaces PlasmaBall
    TNT1 A 2 // I found two tics to work better than one tic
    PLSS AB 6 Bright

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