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DUDE!! - gba

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Wow, I was reading a Next Gen magazine yesterday, and was looking at some reviews and screens of the GBA.

I'll tell you my opinion.. the GBA is more amazing to me than the X-Box.. not grphically, but .. just wow!

You should see the gfx on Tony Hawks Pro Sk8er 2! SAME as the PSX dude! The characters are polygon, the courses are unaltered, and has the same rad lighting effects as the PSX version! Its amazing!

And there are some pretty cool FPS already in line for the GBA, Doom being one of them. They all have pretty great GFX for that thing! Dark Arena is gonna be cool too.

All in all, the GBA has the power inbetween SNES and PSX, and is aw amazing, gotta get one.

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GBA is better than PSX.PSX sucks because it had no good frame rate at all!!!Play driver 2 and when there are 3 cars in the screen then the Frames drops :-P.If you want to play really good games so buy Towny hawks pro skating and Super Mario Advance.

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If I'm not seated in front of the monitor, it's because I actually have something more important to do...I won't sacrifice PC time with GBA.

Oh, and "rad"!?

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