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A Doom 2 Prequels?

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Is there any Doom 2 WADS that takes place between Doom 1 and Doom 2? I know for Xaser's mod Lost Episode, but is there more wads. It's not need to be for a special game. Prequel to DOOM 2 wads can freely by for both Doom 1 and Doom 2. So is there any?

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Honestly there's not much of a story to tell between Ep4 and Doom 2. Even EP4 was unecessary plot-wise. There's plenty of good PWADs out there that doesn't focus on the story side (neither did the original DooM actually) but have good maps.

If it helps, I like to think of Doom The Way id Did as a parallel story of another badass marine surviving the hell invasion, in a similar way to what Opposing Force and Blue Shift were for Half-Life.

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