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Updating a file to idgames

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I think that someone here can help, ive been trying to get in contact with the idgames archives maintener. I want to re-upload my last level ( the toxic exodus ) Unfortunatly, it is now on the main page and there is a bug with the red key. Anyone know the idgames maintener personally and give me a hand getting this issue fixed ASAP?
( I have emailed Ty halderman 4 days ago, still no reply, yes i have started the mail subject with Doom ftp )

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You could try uploading the fixed level (and text file), along with a .msg file explaining that it's an update to an existing wad.

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It's a plain text file, just change the suffix from .txt to .msg. So you'll have 3 files to upload -

  • tte.zip
  • tte.txt
  • tte.msg

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