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Retro Gameplay Features Question

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Hey, I been having an itch to use Doom to make a little retro TC for some time. Goes away then comes back a few months later whenever I touch a retro game.

I was doodling with a music app on my 3DS and started making retro tunes for Doom and again I got an itch to at least make a little concept level.

Although time consuming, the art and music assets would be pretty do-able. What would be hard is adding some retro features, like coins and items that permanently increase HP Metroid style for eg. Any tutorials you know that would lead to being able to implement little features like that?

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Depends on which port you target with your TC. If you use ZDoom, then you can use the stamina mechanism added for Strife support to provide permanent HP increases; and coins can be created a some sort of inventory item.

Another retro gimmick you can use in ZDoom is score items to collect.

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Damn that would be so cool. I'm guessing the guy that made ScoreDoom used those as well. I'll start off by making some standard Doom maps just to get used to Doom Builder, hopefully I can work my way up to messing around with those scripts.

Would be cool to add boss fights too, some big stonking monster that shoots rockets out his bum.

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