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Some Dehacked Strings don't work in Odamex 6.0

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I've got a dehacked patch that changes the names of the cheat code strings, but when I use it in Odamex, the default strings still come up. Not all Dehacked Strings don't work. I noticed the Nightmare mode "isnt even remotely fair" string can be replaced, and text interludes work too. As far as I know, the cheat code strings such as Noclipping Mode On and Degreelessness Mode On doesn't get replaced though. I'll have to test some other stuff to find out what else isn't working.

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Not sure. but since they are definable in the configs iirc they might not be called from the original strings.

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Many ports delibately disable Dehacked's ability to change the cheat codes.

Odamex may well extend that to the cheat code messages.

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