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The Doomist

How to Easily Make 3D Bridges?

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Okay, before I say anything, yes, I read the tutorial, and I do not get it, at all. It's confusing to me. Is there an easier explanation to make 3D bridges? (Linedef to be exact)

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The easiest way for me to understand was poking around in an actual map that used 3D bridges (Iikka's MAP13 in Requiem). In a map editor you can select stuff (tagged linedefs & sectors) and better see what's going on than in a static picture.

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The Doombuilder command for 3D floors is 160 with Arg. 1 being the sector tag, Arg. 2 being whether it is solid or not, and Arg. 4 being it's transparency. Even though DBuilder 1 does not include this as a command, typing in 160 in the Linedef action spot will still work.

Bridges, on the other hand, are made by using a Bridge "Thing" in ZDoom and raising it's ZHeight to the height of the bridge. To make the bridge visible, you'll usually want to use Stair patches in a crosshatch formation (easiest if you combine a bunch of 8x8 sectors).

I know it's confusing, but if you look at maps that have bridges and follow their example, you'll understand in no time!

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