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Mortal Kombat Doom [recruiting testers]

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this month i will release a new demo version of mortal kombat doom, before of that i need to recruit testers, the idea is play the mod on single player campaign with 4 ladders, mk1, mk2,umk3 and trilogy.

later the multiplayer test, and maybe create a tournament =) i never tested before more than 2 players, maybe this time could be a interesting idea about how run the latency on mp


for play on multiplayer is necesary the zdl and the gzdoom hack (this hack will included into the demo)

so, who want to be a tester of this, i will send via pm, the mod.

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actualy i recruited various testers they help me alot, but more testers will be more cool, ok i will send you guys the demo via pm.

and is not a genesis/snes emulator, is mortal kombat using zdoom codes like decorate and acs.

here some beta test:

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This is pretty cool but still looks like it has a shit load of glitches I'd be pretty weary of releasing a MOD like this since the assets are all trademarked and don't belong to you and that makes it illegal to do what your doing but by all means if your comfortable with that do what you want.

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