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Prboom+ command prompt question

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I hope this is in the right place.

I am still fairly new to using prboom/glboom and have recently learned some of the commands when it comes to recording demos. I know the basics of -iwad, -file, -warp, -skill, -complevel, and the recorded file.

As for my question, is there a command that will load a certain save file? I want to be able to play each map with the weapons I have collected and be able to record the demo.

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Thanks for the help.

Hmm, it appears it might not work to well if the player is not at the start. Since I will be saving right at the start then it may still work. I'll test this out for a bit.


It seems it will be a no go unless I have done something wrong. I was testing with Requiem and made a save at the start of map 02. I get the following error "P_UnArchiveThinkers: Unknown tclass 103 in savegame."

Oh well, looks like I will have to go with a different way of recording.

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When using "-loadgame" be sure to load the same files - IWAD + any PWAD(s) - as when you create the savegames.
So if you saved a game while running prboom-plus with "-iwad doom2.wad -file requiem.wad reqmus.wad" you need to use these same command-line parameters to be able to use "-loadgame" properly.

And here's a question for entryway: does the value of "demo_extendedformat" have any effect on demo playback? Your input would be nice in this thread.

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