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GZDoom - Weapon Hotkeys?

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Hey, is there a way to hotkey the pump-action shottie to a key other than 3?

The double-barrel gets in the way, I'd just like to hotkey the pump-action to the letter 'C'.

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Yes, you can, but it involves a bit of fiddling.

ZDoom and child ports group weapons into slots and each slot is then bound to a key. There's 10 slots overall, 0-9.

To change the defaults, you have to edit the zdoom*.ini file manually.

For some instructions see here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Weapon_slots

under 'in the ini file.

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For remapping the weapon slots you have to use the console. If, for example, you want to bind slot 8 to 'C', enter:

bind C "slot 8"

You can also edit the Doom.Bindings section in the INI directly.

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would be cool to add weaponkeys in the menu. i mean we have jump and duck, but weapons are more important.

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1. type 'setslot' into console. (without ' mark)
-> then you can get the names of weapons.

2. type 'bind x "use y"' into console. (without ' mark)
-> y is the weapon's name. then you can press x key to use the weapon.

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