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I'm releasing a prototype build of The Lost Techbase, in case anyone wants to check it out. As it's still a prototype, a lot is still unfinished. For those who don't know, much of this is based on Marnetmar's abandoned stuff. There are five maps in total; four of them are based on his work (MAP01 thru MAP04), and the fifth is my own design (MAP33). The following screenshots are of MAP01 thru MAP04 only.


And the download link:


Yes, it's a bit of a big download... there's a lot of custom monsters and weapons, plus an entirely new set of musics and some new textures. This isn't quite as texture-nutty as the first screenshots I showed of this... most of the crazy texturing was fixed awhile back.

MAP01 is the most completed right now... just about everything's been added that I wanted to add. I will probably tweak stuff here and there though. This is also the only level to have voiceover... although I think the voiceovers are a bit cheesy. :) Only "Command" has voiceover... "Soldier" doesn't just yet (since I've not yet found anyone to fill the role).
MAP02 is probably about 75% complete. There's still some stuff left to add and change, but the core concepts are already in place.
MAP03 is the most unfinished... maybe about 25% done. I have a lot of things planned for this map but haven't gotten them all in just yet. As a result, the level might be a tad unfair due to lack of ammo and health.
MAP04 is short but is still unfinished; I'd say it's about 50% done right now. The scripting is imperfect here as well, but that'll get fixed in due time.
MAP33 is about 80% done. This is based on the secret level in Macabre Palace and retains the same gameplay concepts... the low gravity environment and the "climbing pillars" bit. It looks a bit better in this incarnation but still needs some detailing in some areas.

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Oooh those screens were intresting!

when Im home for the day I may test this prototype

NOTE: some of these decorate weapons are just BAD
I know these are from realm667 so you could have
alot of work in front of you with coding and spiriting
these weapons, the monsters are often quite good and
dont need too much work. how many maps do you have left
to build?

good luck dude :)

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There's going to be 5 maps in total... so the maps that are in it are what's going to be in the final build. They may grow a bit, and of course some still need a lot of work to bring to completion (especially MAP03).

A couple of the weapons do need a bit of tweaking, especially weapon 6 (I did not add a weapon 7... this is a short episode so I didn't feel it was necessary to add a "big freakin' gun"). Also, a few of the enemies have problems during the cast call... not quite sure why though, as they work just fine in-game... some of them skip over their melee sounds, and a couple of them have serious frame problems. None of them have been modified from their downloaded forms except the very last one, which only got some stat tweaks.

Thanks for the encouragement! :) Hope ya like it. :)

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