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Carny Goat

Some stuff on freedoom I'd like to talk about.

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Oh, talking about exits, I had to create my own "direction to the exit" signs, too: (I'm working on a custom PWAD that uses a number of textures from Freedoom).

For a "quickly-taped Z", you mean something like that: ?

Here is an alternative design for crushing ceilings and radioactive floors:

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Direction arrows: not like that, separate arrow. Just some arrows to be used in combination with other signs, with the arrow about the height of a line of text and the same color.
Without a background border, the user can just offset to the portion they want.
Example: <-- OFFICE -->
Example: <-- DOCK -->
Example: <-- SHIPPING -->
I have tested some of these, but was not happy yet with the combinations. Unfortunately it would take 20 minutes to fetch the
textures, and post them up.

Z for zombie: The 'Z' is fine, but put it on a commonly available sign that would be found everywhere, like the triangular poison sign or the exclamation mark sign. Even a wet floor sign with a big red 'Z' on it would be good. An easily recognizable sign obviously altered with a big red 'Z' is what makes the idea work. It does not work so well when the background sign is unknown and confusing.

Crushing man sign: That is somewhat similar. The version I remember shows the entire body, with the knees buckling and the back bent, on a yellow triangle. It took me a long time to figure out what it was because of the little red marks around a floating ball. It took a long time to realize that the line below was the rest of his body.
The strange border is distracting, a familiar plain yellow triangle would be less confusing. Would help to move the man higher, make him smaller, show more body, and only have two red marks.

Radioactive floor: I did not get the idea that the floor was radioactive. I don't have any ideas on how to indicate floor without actually printing "Radioactive Floor" on the sign. The man pic did not help, actually confused things.

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I highly recommend the pictographs in the references Gez provided.
Our signs do not have to be uniform. Unless the facility is very new, the signs will be a mixture of styles, depending on where and when they were bought.
We could also use a Corrosive sign, but a little simpler with only one
dripping acid (probably could leave out the test tube or substitute a barrel).

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The more that I think about the bloody 'Z' on a sign, the more that it feels like some other game did this already. Anybody remember a game with bloody 'Z' signs ???

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