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PS1 Doom controller

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Hello, I will be getting DOOM 1 and Final DOOM for PS1 for Christmas. I have a PS2. Will I be able to use my Dualshock 2? Like using the analog sticks? Or will I have to be forced to use the D-PAD? :P

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You can use the Dualshock 2, but you have to use the D-pad. PSX Doom and PSX Final Doom were made when the PSX controller only had a D-pad, so no, you can't use the analog sticks. PSX Final Doom did support the PSX Mouse however, so you might want to look into that.

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Since you aren't able to use the thumbsticks at all, this is a control scheme I recommend (since PSX Doom has full support for control configuration):

D-Pad to move and turn.
Square and Circle to strafe left and right.
R1 to fire.
X to use.
Weapon selection controls on L2 and R2.
Speed button on L1.

Had little difficulty circle-strafing big monsters with this config.

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