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Arch-viles and corrupted save game files in classic Doom II?

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Back in my Windows 98 days, there were two instances in which my vanilla Doom II save game file was corrupted. In both of these cases, there was an Arch-vile nearby. I couldn't seem to find any relevant information on this forum or either Doom wikis, which suggests this is a very rare bug. I don't remember which version of the game I was running, but I'm pretty sure it was 1.9.

Has anyone ever experienced similar issues? Just curious.

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If an arch-vile is performing its attack when the game is saved, the target of its attack is not stored in the save file. This bug is non-fatal in all versions of vanilla Doom, though it causes a nasty crash in Doom95 (therefore rendering the save file useless). There are no other bugs relating to arch-viles and saved games. Are you sure you were playing vanilla? If so, I don't think the arch-vile was to blame.

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