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Scythe X music

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The Scythe X text files mentions the authors of the MIDI songs included, but not the titles.

I've identified MAP09 ("Alien Ship") thanks to Jimmy's jukebox, which contained it; and MAP10 ("Dark Siege") by comparing it with the Jared Boice pieces found on Laura's MIDI heaven.

The rest does not seem to have title. Certainly nothing that looks like a title in the MIDI files themselves.

Since these unnamed pieces were composed by Doomworld members (Bloodskull, pcorf, Nixot), I figure asking here is the best place.

(By the way, D_DM2INT (stat screen) from Scythe and D_SHAWN3 (MAP29) from Scythe II haven't been identified yet, either; but that's all. Not sure if Scythe 2's title and stat screen song has a specific name.)

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