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Doom - Evil Unleashed 1.8

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Knee-deep in the Dead – Part 8


"What the...!?"

The train arrived at the monorail station beneath what was once the Research Facility. It looked like a base, but in front of my eyes flashed the words:
"Entering Phobos Anomaly"

Why did my helmet computer call this place a Phobos Anomaly? Wasn't this supposed to be the Research Facility?
I looked around in bewilderment. The place looked like a normal base, with metal walls, tiled floor and regular doors. The building was as silent as the grave, which had me worried. No sounds of combat meant that my buddies might be dead which left me without the option to navigate off the moon. But maybe they had killed off the remaining opposition and where just preparing themselves for the monsters in the other buildings to attack this facility or whatever it was. My buddies wouldn't know that I had killed off most of the creatures singlehandedly, so the last option seemed feasible enough for me to cling to the hope that they were still alive.

I walked cautiously into the elevator and activated it. It rose with a muffled mechanical sound like any other elevator.
The elevator took me to a small room with a red switch in front of me. The switch lowered the wall in front of which I found strange – this didn't look normal.

I found myself looking down at a big room with a boiling pool of toxic slime at the center. The pool was surrounded by fuel barrels and a crowd of "pinkies" growled at me in unison as they saw me.

I wasted no time, but sent a long chain gun burst of death at the crowd, hitting a few barrels and some of the monsters. The following lightshow was spectacular. Three of the fuel barrels exploded and created a chain reaction of bright orange explosions as the exploding barrels ignited the barrels next to them.
Several creatures where ripped to shreds in the explosive reaction, but I kept firing at the remaining monsters while the rest of the barrels exploded all around them.

When the last monster was dead, I leapt down into the room.
Avoiding the pit, I proceeded cautiously through the room, went down a staircase to a door and opened it. The hall on the other side of the door had two adjacent rooms on each side. On the hexagonal-tiled floor lay two corpses of my buddies. It was Graham and Lewis. It looked like something big had thrown them around, and torn out their guts. Their weapons, a chain gun and a shotgun lay separated from the bodies. What was equally disturbing, was that I saw two candelabras next to the entrances to each of the adjacent rooms.

"Candelabras on a space station?" I thought puzzled.

Moreover, the candelabras looked pretty diabolic with tiny skulls carved into their base.

Two growls echoed out at me from the two rooms and a "bull" leapt out at me from each of the rooms,only to be met with swift death at my hands.

After killing them, I gathered the ammunition from my dead buddies and walked down the hallway - more cautiously than before - the thing which had killed my two buddies was definitely more powerful than the "pinkies". I felt my heart pound as I realized that something big and nasty which I hadn't encountered before, resided here. At the end of the hall was a liftwith a green, arrow-shaped button pointing upwards.
The lift brought me to a big star-shaped Hall.
The ceiling looked like it was made of slimy ooze, the floor was covered in some sort of red sand and in front of me, I saw two huge statues carved out of reddish rock.

The statues resembled some sort of ugly goatmen, about three and a half meters tall. The demonic creatures had horns bending forward from the back of their big goat heads, their almost skull-like faces ended in a goat-like snout and they had a pair of fangs protruding right beneath their mouth.
The things looked immensely muscular, their powerful hoofed legs bended backwards and the legs seemed very hairy. Both statues stood with their fists clenched and their muscular arms hanging down the side of their body, while they seemed to be looking at the floor in front of them.

Behind the statues I saw the body of a marine, still clutching a gray gun in one of his hands – a rocket launcher.

Several eerie growls told me that there were a flock of spectres here. I began to spray bullets into the area. Inhuman screams and howls told me that I had hit some of them. I continued firing. I noticed shapes approaching me from the right and aimed my chaingun in the direction, gunning down the ghostly figures. I turned to face right and saw a translucent form charge straight at me. It didn't last long. It stumbled and fell with a chilling howl as my chain gun ripped it apart.

The place was cleared. I stepped forward toward the marine's corpse.

I had barely taken my first step, when the statues suddenly collapsed in a cloud of dust, revealing two real demonic monstrosities behind the stone "skin", which they wore before.

Seeing them as real "demons" was a horrible shock.
Their torsos were a pinkish-red color, darker than the color of the "bulls", and the fur on their legs brown – like the fur of a camel. Their fists glowed with an eerie, green light and several filthy dark hairs protruded from their rough skin. They both raised their fearsome heads and stared at me. Their eyes were holes in their faces - a small, yellow light glowed in each hole.

They both let out an earsplitting roar, an otherworldly scream, which hurt in my ears. The terrifying roars made the ground itself tremble under my feet.

Seeing the two statues turn into demon-like monsters had me initially paralyzed, but I quickly recovered and reacted.
I swung my Chan gun around and aimed at the left monster. The one to the right raised its right arm and its whole torso started to blaze with a sort of green glow. A strange, green fire began to enshroud its raised hand. I pulled the trigger and sent a short burst of bullets into the left one's face, while I ran in between the two horrors, just as the other hurled a bolt of a disgusting green goo shrouded in a similar greenish sort of fire at me.
The goatman which I had fired at, let out a dissatisfied grunt; my bullets had barely harmed it.

The bolt thrown by the one on my right, hammered into the ground were I had been standing a moment before. The goo evaporated, leaving a scorched mark on the ground, from where a stinking greenish smoke rose. I spun around and opened fire at the one I had first assaulted to little effect.

Dodging another two bolts, I quickly put my chain gun down on the ground, because I believed that it wouldn't do me all that much good as I was running low on ammo.

The Monsters advanced upon me and kept throwing bolts at me. I dove down next to the corpse of the marine and yanked the weapon out of his grasp.
The rocket launcher was a small, compact, collapsible weapon, which fired small, but effective rockets. It was a belt-fed gun.
The soldier had apparently just loaded a new belt into the launcher when he had been killed. I noticed dried remains of that green goo on the scorched, burnt area on his back.
These rockets were anti-personnel rockets, which simply exploded in a blooming cloud, tearing everything within the vicinity of the rocket's blast area to shreds.

I quickly leapt up and fired a rocket at the first monster. The gun let out a deafening roar, followed by the sizzling noise of the rocket whizzing through the air on its way to its target.
The rocket exploded with a satisfying orange flash as it pounded into the monster's chest, stopping the thing briefly, but it wasn't dead yet. It seemed that these creatures' skin was very solid indeed. Another green bolt whizzed so close past me that I could feel its heat.
I pumped three more rockets into the monster's torso, before the "demon" suddenly fell apart with a horrendous death roar. Its torso shriveled up, its dark green blood splashing onto the sanded floor and its ruined remains collapsed onto the ground. But there was still one more to deal with and it was closing in fast.

The huge goliath suddenly stopped in front of me, raised its right hoof and hammered it into the ground.
The ground beneath me shook, and I was almost thrown to the ground by the shockwave. The thing flung a bolt at me, but I rolled aside, which was difficult with my life support system on my back, and sent a rocket right into its face. The monster roared in agony and staggered backwards. The rocket had torn its face to shreds, leaving a large, slimy, green wound were its ugly face had been, but it was still alive and it began to hurl bolts in every direction, while roaring aggressively.
I finished it off with a few more rockets, turning it into a pile of limbs, flesh and hooves.

As the last goat thing's death roar faded away, the walls of the hall suddenly crumbled to the ground. I couldn't help staring at the strange liquid ceiling, which was now floating without any support. I looked around.
Surrounding the "arena" was a large courtyard and ahead I saw a strange object.

I left the place where I had defeated the two goat things and looked curiously at the object.

It was shaped like a big doorway. The "doorframe" was entangled by what looked like fleshy tentacles, but I noticed several wires and technical gadgets attached to the metallic frame, revealing that this object was manmade. A staircase led up to the "door" and I could see that the thing was situated on the machine powering it. The air had a strange stench like rotten flesh and a strange wind was blowing around the object. As I slowly walked up the stairs, I began to notice something at the center of the frame. It looked like a sort of whirlpool, distorting the air between the frames. Peering closer at it, I noticed that the whirlpool had a reddish color in the center.

This was no doubt one of the translocators I had read about – the gateway to Deimos.

"Of course!" I thought to myself. Why hadn't I thought of it before? The surviving marines had no doubt fled into the gate, trying to get away from the monsters here.

"A desperate last option" I thought grimly. I realized how insanely small the chance of finding surviving marines would be now that they had gone through the teleporting gate. After all, the gateway was where the monsters had come from.

I looked at the machinery beneath me.
If I smashed this machine, I could properly disrupt the gateway, preventing more monsters to pour through it. It would trap my buddies on Deimos and me on Phobos, but it was better than letting the aliens pour into our part of the universe where they could ultimately become a threat to Earth.

Having made up my mind to sacrifice myself and my remaining comrades, I leapt down from the machine and backed further away. I pumped a few rockets into the thing, trashing it completely. Metallic pieces flew through the air as the machine exploded in a flower of fire and a cloud of smoke.

The whirlpool was still there.
"What the Devil!?" I growled in surprise.
I activated me helmet computer again. After a brief analysis, it reported that the gateway could only be shut down, when both machines on Phobos and Deimos were destroyed.

I felt my heart pound, but at the same time felt a burning rage inside me.

I had only one hope of shutting down the machine: To enter the gateway to Deimos and hope that the base had at least one Emergency Shuttle, which one man could fly.

Without hesitation I slowly walked up the stairs again and stepped through the Whirlpool.


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Well, I didn't write it all in the time between 1.7 and 1.8.
You see, I've actually "scetched up" most of the story (by 'story' I mean ALL chapters combined) already.
Apart from the ones I've already written, I have written almost all of episode 2 (+2.1) and some of Episode three, but they are not ready for release because they need a lot of workovers (- some ideas turn out to be bad and must be edited out and then replaced with better ideas, sometimes I replace a decent idea with something much better and perhaps use the old idea later).

So part 1.8 actually took a long time to write, because I wrote most of it a couple of weeks ago - what I've been doing since I 'released' 1.7, is that I just reworked a few ideas here and there and added something here and there.

So a "story" as you call them (I call them "parts" or "chapters") can take everything between three hours of focused work to three-four days, depending on how productive and energetic you feel (not to mention how much time you can extract off of your time schedule) - but don't forget that I'm working on later parts alongside the ones I'm about to release.

That's the way I work and I find that that's the method that works the best and yields the best results.
[edit]And please don't bother me about the next chapter if you find that it takes a long time for me to complete it, because I've just found out that most of episode 2 is fux0red up and inconsistent so I need to work around a lot of problems there, which is important to make the next chapter fit to the story as a whole. I'm warning you: It might take quite a while before I release the next chapter[/edit]

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You're kidding!
If I sat down and wrote the whole day long, the results would be terrible, not to mention that I'd get more tired, irritable and wont get half of the other things done, which I've got to do.
You just have to learn to be patient, my friend.

Part 2.1 will be out when it's done, end of discussion.

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There's lots of good to be said about this story. I like the way you make everything familiar, but add your own little twist, such as the Baron-of-Hell statue thing, and the whirlpool rather than a cheap door. I also like the computer in the helmet idea, since the Doom-Guy probably couldn't figure out everything on his own. And finally, I'm glad you mentioned that it was difficult for him to maneuver because of his life support system. It seems like a lot of people don't take into account that this guy is holding a lot of stuff, and probably can't do everything that they have him do. Then again, he is the Doom-Guy that can run at 500 miles per hour.

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Originally posted by JavaGuy
Then again, he is the Doom-Guy that can run at 500 miles per hour.

Well, he can't in my story ;-)

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