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[Figured it out] DROPOFF, NODROPOFF and such...

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OK so here's the thing... I want to make it so ledges are blockable unless you have a certain item, in which case a sprite bridge appears in front of you that you can cross over. I tried setting -DROPOFF in the customer PlayerPawn, but that didn't do squat. So then, I set +NODROPOFF, which worked for tall ledges, but it also prevented the character from walking up and down narrow stairs. I presume that there's some kind of property value somewhere I can set that increases the checking range of ledges that should fix this issue, but I'm not finding anything that helps with that. I changed the radius of the PlayerPawn, which did the trick, but of course, that brings all kinds of other issues. I could have sworn I saw something somewhere about the default height for ledges...

EDIT: nvm, found it... seems to be MaxDropOffHeight and/or MaxStepHeight.

EDIT 2: Yeah, that did the trick... I set MaxDropOffHeight to 32 and MaxStepHeight to 30 with the usual radius of 16 and it does exactly what I want... the normal 16x16 stairs are perfectly climbable, you can jump up and fall down 32 units but taller ledges are completely unpassable. So this should be a perfect setup for doing the sprite bridge later... unless the engine doesn't recognize the change in heights. I guess time will tell.

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