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Finding out the current difficulty setting

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Is there any way to find out what difficulty level you are currently playing on during game in ZDoom?
A few days ago I found an old Hexen savegame and since i wanted to play this game again anyway, I just continued with this one. but i have no idea what difficulty setting this is, yet i would be interesting for me. Any way to find this out? First thing I thought of was the monster count but this wouldn't work because some difficulty levels share the same spawnlevels... So what could do? or is there even a command for the console?

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btw the skill numbers start at 0

0 = I'm too young to die
1 = Hey, Not Too Rough
2 = Hurt Me Plenty
3 = Ultra-Violence
4 = Nightmare

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Glad to see it's so easy, thanks!
And I thank Eris Falling as well, I would have thought 3 is medium and I would have been sad to see it, but now I know better ;)

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