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The New Doom Intro (Boroto version)

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First of all I´m not Spielberg... and it´s the first time I've written something like this. :P

The video starts with a screen flashing, with a S.O.S. message from Mars, thermal images showing people running and the sounds of bullets and screaming. There´s a problem with the atmosphere; thus, the radio doesn´t work beyond a certain range.

After that, a group of UAC space marines (your team) shows up, ready for action beside the door of the transport ship. The door opens, the lights are really dim and the place sounds dead. The camera shows then some movement, a corpse being pulled to the shadows.

The team starts to move forward, they are heavily armed, including you. Your ship takes off. The team splits to cover a larger area, and you are assigned to search movement from a higher ground, so you take your backpack off and climb a few boxes. The camera shows a zoom of a claw tearing flesh and blood dripping to the ground. Then you see a screen that looks like a radar tracker; there is movement at six o´clock, at 12, at 9... you are surrounded... it´s a trap.

You take your rifle out and get ready to fight. You are the only one at higher ground. The lights turn off and the battle begins, you see guns flashing and grenades exploding, you can hear the bullets and your comrades screaming... The camera shows someone trying to run, totally desperate. Then he receives a fireball hit in his back, he´s dead, and something pulls him into the shadow. The camera moves back to you.

You fire at the source of the fireballs, and it looks like you have hit something. You run to where you left your backpack, just to find nothing there. You can see guns flashing at the distance, and then you are attacked by a zombie. You fire your gun without really looking... flashback, you know this guy, yesterday you were playing cards with him.

Something heads your way. What looks like a shadow (it´s a spectre) hits you on the chest and your rifle flies to the shadows. You then take your handgun and fire at the movement, and the spectre falls dead. But now you are stranded, only with a gun and without comunication with the outside world. Your radio just picks up screams.

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Yes, everyday something new comes to my mind...
But the question is: Would the people at ID pay attention to what we say here??? to my intro idea???

I think... no.

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Originally posted by Dark-tenshi
hi to the moderators here!

"Hi" back. Now it's dsm's turn and you've gotten all the "his" you need.

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Originally posted by Alboroto
After that, a group of UAC space marines (your team) shows up, ready for action beside the door of the transport ship.

Originally posted by Crendowing
Are you hoping for the intro to DOOM 3 to be this? Not a bad idea IMO.

I'm not being sarcastic here. I thought that all other marines in UAC were all dead already, according from the story, I think, except the character(yourself) had survived. So, how could this possibly fit into the introduction of Doom 3? You know, I've been always wondering how our new generation would begin. Hope the story of Doom will logically follow the steps from the old legend to continue the new glory of UAC.

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