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Midtexture help

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Vanilla does this, too. Older versions of Eternity had the same behavior, prior to SoM's rewrite of the texture system a few years ago. There are probably some other ports that still work the same way (and anyone still using DOS Boom or an older PrBoom version will surely run into it, for sure, for what that's worth). To work around it you just have to create a cropped version of the patch, and use that instead.

You can export it into an image editor for that, or in SLADE it can be done pretty easily by right-clicking on your METBAR1 texture in the list and picking Export Texture. It'll export the cropped texture as a lump and save it into your wad. It'll put it between ZDoom-style TX_START and TX_END markers, but you can easily move it in with your other patches and add it to the texture list like anything else. This is just a convenient way of doing it since it doesn't involve launching any other programs.

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