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Silent No Stop Teleport - Skulltag

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Well, the post subject tells the tale: can it be made? I found Silent OR No Stop, but not both. It would be great to "cheat" 3Dfloors when its needed to make more than one of them...

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er... 71 shows Teleport (Silent) in here... maybe cus I'm using Doom in Hexen format?

the thing is that 71 Teleport (Silent) makes the player stop moving somehow, like he just hitted a invisible wall (the player can start walking again after a few time) diferently from 154 Teleport (No Stop), where a running player keeps running after being teleported.

I wanted to merge this two things: a teleport that does not shows any animation or so AND doesnt interfere in the players movement.

I tried to use Teleport with the FOG option on "NO" and it doesnt make any difference...

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Not sure what's the problem, bro, because I have no problems with the silent teleport lines stopping movement..

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runegoblin said:

hey Obsidian! You're right... setting "Keep Orientation" to "NO" solved it :D

Odd, althoug.

Anyway... tnx dudes!

Welcome. Oh, and check this out. I think you might like it. :)

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looks really cool! I found some places a real bit confusing as monsters keep apearing right in front of me and all, but the level design and the sensation that I was walking through an Escher's nightmare really does good! Congrats!

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