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You Got The BFG Edition! Oh, Yes.

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Jehar said:

I can confirm that the Doom3 default r_lightscale is also 2. This means nothing by itself.

But you still can make Doom 3 Look closer to BFG Ed. by doing a "r_lightscale 4" on the console. Of course there's still some differences but as far as I know almost everything is the same (related to graphics).

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Herculine said:

Is it just me, or is DOOM 3 a lot easier now?

It is. Tim Wiltis said in an interview that they added more ammo to the levels to make sure that the player would not have to be as careful with it like he had to be in the original version to make the game more arcade like. The player also runs faster now as well.

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One of my viewers on Youtube told me that if I'm not interested in Doom 3 BFG Edition, I'm not an actual fan of Doom.

...uhm, what do you think?

(yep, you have 3 tips, how old is he)

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Is there a way to get the flashlight to create shadows like in the original doom 3?

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Doom Marine said:

No Co-op? No Play.

'Cept that it was never a feature to begin with. Original Xbox version doesn't count, that was an alternate version. I really would like to see those Xbox coop maps ported to PC while being retooled to not require two players to progress.

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Phobus said:

I have a hard time justifying a £20 or so download of a load of games I already have with the fact that there's a PWAD in there. I can get millions of those, some of which will be much bigger/better/both for free.

Definitely not bothering with this.

Just wait until it's discounted.

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