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i have a quake3 engine game, alice. i want to change the bindings for looking up and down. i normaly use the a for up and z for down. i go into the setup menu but there is nothing for changeing the bindings for up and down looking. can any of u tell me how i can do this in the console

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try going to the console (usually the button under esc) and typing -

bind a +lookup


bind z +lookdown

if that doesn't work, try putting the a at the end. if that doesn't work, I dunno.

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That Game is Incredible
Don't use it's console though
Ugly as all hell.

There is this new fangled invention
around, it uses a ball to track movements
on the screen, S'Called something that cats eat
What is it called?

Yeah Pretty wierd Idea don't you think.

(The Moral of this long and pointless story)


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